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Can I upload my own voice-over audio or music?
Can I upload my own voice-over audio or music?

Wanting to add a jingle or your own voice-over?

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Yes! Once you've chosen a template, click the Audio panel and make sure you're on the Voice-over tab. Select "Upload," and you can upload your pre-recorded voice-over or your own jingle right there. It will even work in the preview links.

DIY TIP: Not sure what to say, but want to add a personal touch? Use the AI-generated voice-over script (via the Brand It process or AI Flow) and record it in your own voice using your smartphone. Just be sure to keep your recording a few seconds shorter than your video to ensure it isn't cut off.

From the Music tab, you can adjust the voice-over/jingle and background volume by dragging the blue bars OR if the voice-over/jingle already has background audio, you can completely mute the template audio.

The official file types we accept for voiceover upload are:

  • .mp3

  • .m4a

  • .wav

  • .aif

  • .aiff

  • .ogg

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