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First, follow our guide to downloading your video on either desktop or mobile. You will need to be on a mobile device to upload to Instagram.

Once you’ve added the video to your library, you can use Instagram’s guide to posting your video.

Or follow the instructions below:

You can upload your Waymark videos to your Instagram Page the same way you would upload any other photo or video.

1. Save your video to your mobile device

2. Open the Instagram app on your device

3. Click the Upload button at the bottom of the screen (it looks like a square with a plus sign inside it)

4. That will automatically open your photos/videos. Simply select the video you would like to upload.

*If you are posting a widescreen video make sure you hit the small grey circle in the bottom left corner of your videos, that will make sure the video is posted in the correct format.

*At this point click next then you can choose your cover which is what people will see as the video thumbnail when they visit your page and click on your video. Once you click next you should see the word cover in the bottom right corner. Click that then drag your finger across the video slides until you find one you want. Click next and upload as you normally would.

5. From there, just follow the prompts to write a caption and post to Instagram!

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