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What are Waymark's System Requirements?
What are Waymark's System Requirements?

You can edit Waymark videos on Web or Mobile.

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Waymark is the DIY Make your own commercial product that runs on the latest web technology. That means that in order for us to ensure smooth performance and compatibility, we recommend customers are running the latest versions of their web browser of choice.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome (Windows or macOS) — Google's browser is the most popular in the world and works well with other Google services like Docs, Meet, and Gmail. Waymark works with Google Chrome version 60 and later.

  • Safari (macOS) — Safari is the default browser on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. We support the latest version on all platforms. Waymark works on Safari version 10.1.2 (MacOS) and later.

System Requirements for Desktops and Laptops

  • Minimum — 4 GB of RAM

  • Recommended — 8GB of RAM


- iPhone 6S or later with iOS 10 Safari or later
- Samsung S6 and later with Samsung Internet version 5.4 or later
- Other Android phones should have at least 4GB of RAM and Android Nougat browser or later.

A Note on Internet Explorer:

Internet Explorer is not supported and is known not to function correctly. Other browsers not listed here may function with varying levels of success but are not supported.

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