Waymark gives you the power to make exceptional video ads in seconds. Our team of expert directors, designers, and animators take each template through a 29-step process to make sure every single one is beautiful and effective.

Browse the Waymark store to find a template that’s right for you, personalize it in seconds with the Waymark editor, and download it to share anywhere you need a video ad.

The Basics

1. Choose a Template

Use the Waymark store to browse templates, you can find curated collections of related templates for different uses and industries that can help you narrow down what you’re looking for, but you can customize any template to work for your business.

2. Edit Your Template

Once you select a template the Waymark editor will open and give you access to tools to change text, images, add your logo, some videos also offer edits to colors, music and fonts. You can select any text on the right to edit it, and select images to crop, or replace. If you need help with images, check out guides to finding great free photos, removing backgrounds, and getting images from your website.

If your business has a Yelp or Facebook page, try using our Brands feature to automatically find your images and info to use in your video.

3. Save or Finalize/Complete

When you’ve finished editing your template, you can save your video as a draft or complete it. You can share a preview link to any draft video, and the viewer can see anything you change with a simple page refresh.

Once you’ve purchased a Waymark video, it's yours to download from your Account page. Our learning center contains guides to uploading to social media or adding your video to your website.

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