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Finding a Template

Use our template browser to find the perfect template for you.

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When you open the template browser, you’ll see all your available templates by default. That can be a lot! To help you find the one you need, the left sidebar on the templates page has filters to help you find your perfect template.

Our filters are:

  1. Sort: Order alphabetically or by the newest or most relevant templates.

  2. Format: Choose between widescreen templates optimized for TV/Streaming or tall templates designed for social media.

  3. Length: Filter down to 30, 15, 10, 6, or 5-second videos, or look at all templates of other lengths.

  4. Assets: See templates with only images or that support video footage.

  5. Categories: Search a wide range of categories covering different purposes, industries, moods, and styles.

Need to reset your search or want to start fresh on looking for templates? Just click reset filters at the bottom of the sidebar to remove all filters.

Once you’ve filtered your search, you can preview each video by hovering your mouse over the template thumbnail.

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