Your time is important, so we’ve assembled this quick and informative 10 minute “Make Your Mark” Video Series to share Waymark’s key features.

We hope this helps you get started and we’re looking forward to seeing what you create!


Waymark Overview

- How Waymark works

- Who we are

- What we do

- Video use cases made simple with Waymark

Choosing a Template

- How to select the right video

- Preview the template browser

- Hover previews

- Click to edit

Editing Basics

- Renaming, saving, and buying a video

- Auto personalize

- Fonts, music, and colors

- Text editing

Editing Images & Footage

- Uploading, replacing, and editing images

- Uploading, replacing, and editing footage

Your Account Page

- Account page basics and overview

- Preview links

- Sharing links

- Downloading and file types

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