Edit Existing Users

Admins can edit users in the admin portal.

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This help article is specifically for an enterprise partner feature.

Admins can edit, deactivate/reactivate and login as users through the admin portal.

Deactivating a user removes their log in access to their account, however admins can still access the user’s videos through the Login As User feature and reactivate at any time. While an account is deactivated, it will not be counted in the billing summary.

To edit an individual user, click on the user’s row to view their details in a sidebar. This sidebar provides the following options:

  • Edit

    • Edit the user’s information such as their role or group

  • Login As User

    • Access the user’s drafts and purchased videos

  • Deactivate/Reactivate User

    • Deactivate/reactivate the user’s login information

To edit users in bulk, multi select using the checkboxes next to a user’s name. Two buttons will appear:

  • Edit Users

    • Assign roles, add groups or remove groups for all selected users

  • Deactivate/Reactivate Users

    • Deactivate/reactivate all selected users

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