Brands is a feature that lets you save brand information and assets to reuse in future videos. During the editing process, you can easily access favorite images, footage, colors and fonts. This is an update to the previous auto personalize feature.

Contact information and images will be pulled from the brand’s web presence to make the brand creation process easier.

To create a brand, follow these steps:

1. Choose a template

2. Select the “Choose a brand” panel

3. Select “Add new”

4. Type in your Business Name and Location

5. Select the relevant business

6. Your brand has now been populated with brand info and images. You can now edit the information and assets in each of the following panels.

  • Brand info: edit the contact information

  • Images: add or delete images as they meet brand standards

  • Footage: upload your own or download stock footage

  • Colors: create a color palette that matches your brand

  • Fonts: heart your favorite fonts for the brand

7. Once your brand is set up, select “Brand It” to apply the brand info and images to the video. To see all of your brands, click on “All Brands.”

8. You can still access all images, footage, colors and fonts from the editor. To access the brand again, click on the brand panel.

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