Admin Render Approval

This feature is only for organizations where User accounts do not have final rendering privileges.

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For organizations where Admin approval is required to finalize and render videos, follow these steps to get a video approved.

1. USERS: Press 'FINISH' when you are done editing and ready to finalize your video

2. The prompt below will appear on your screen. Copy the Sharing link and send it to the designated approvers in your organization

*Alternatively, you can get the same link from your Account page. Hit the SHARE button next to your draft, and copy the sharing link from there.

3. ADMINS/GROUP ADMINS will log in to their account, open the link, review the video draft, and press 'APPROVE DOWNLOAD' in the top right-hand corner of the preview page

4. Once approved, the video will automatically move from the Draft to Completed section on the User's account (not the Admins), where the User can download their newly approved and finalized video.

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