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The difference between Sharing and Preview links
The difference between Sharing and Preview links

A brief overview of the key differences between the Sharing and Preview links available to Waymark users.

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Sharing and Preview links are stable and stay the same from draft to completed video. There are a few differences in the options available on the two pages.

Draft video links

  • The Sharing link is perfect for sharing with other members of your team who collaborate with you on video creation.

    • The Sharing link is branded with Waymark and allows the recipient of the link to 'Save a Copy' of the video draft to their own Waymark account.

  • The Preview link is perfect for showcasing a video draft to an external client or partner.

    • The Preview link is not branded with Waymark, and does not have a 'Save a Copy option.

Completed video links

  • Sharing and Preview links stay the same after a video is finalized and rendered.

  • The Sharing link will now include an option to 'Download' the finalized and rendered video. The Preview link will not include this option.

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