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Professional Voice-over Download
Professional Voice-over Download

You can make edits to your video after the voice-over has been attached — without having to manually resubmit!

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Now, the voice-over will be directly uploaded into the editor by our voice-over professionals.

This new process will:

  • Save time!

  • Allow you to easily make text, photo, color, (and more!) edits to your video without having to manually resubmit for the same voice-over to be attached.

  • Allow you to use the same professional voice-over read on other videos.

  • Decrease VO file size to improve preview speed.

What’s not changing? The fast and easy way you will submit your voice-over requests and all the email notifications we send.

However, when the voice-over is completed, there will no longer be a separate voice-over download option because the VO will be available on both the standard & high-quality .mp4 files!

Important things to note:

  • The music file that was selected at purchase will be mixed & mastered to the VO read to ensure the highest quality. So picking the perfect track before submitting is still a must!

  • Voice-over files can still only be used on Waymark spots.

    • There is no way to download the files separately from the editor.

    • Music embedded in files is licensed for Waymark spots only.

    • Files are not to be used on radio.

  • If you share this video with a client/colleague and they save the video in their account, the file will be embedded in the video.

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