AI voice-over uses pre-set AI voices to generate an audio file for any written script. More details on each voice are available here. You can either manually write your script or have the Waymark scriptwriting AI write the script through the Brand It flow.

Create a Voice-over

1. Select an AI voice.

2. Type in your script. Use the helper text to determine the right length of copy for the length of the video. A script can be no longer than 1000 characters.

3. Once the script is ready, select “Generate AI Voice-over” to generate the voice-over file.

4. Listen to the voice-over by hovering over the file or play the preview video. We recommend lowering the background volume to balance the music and voice-over in the preview video.

Change or Remove an AI Voice-over

Select “Change Voice-over” to make any edits to the voice-over script or select a different voice. Select “Remove Voice-over” to remove the voice-over from your video. Once an AI voice-over has been regenerated or removed, it is no longer accessible from this panel.

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