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Editing your own AI Voice-over
Editing your own AI Voice-over

Learn more about applying and editing AI voice-overs

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AI voice-over uses pre-set AI voices to generate an audio file for any written script. More details on each voice are available here.

  • You can manually write your script or have the Waymark scriptwriting AI write it through the Brand It flow.

Manually Adding a Voice-over

1. Select an AI voice.

2. Type in your script. Use the helper text to determine the right length of copy for the length of the video. A script can be no longer than 1000 characters.




3. Once the script is ready, select GENERATE to generate the voice-over file.

4. Listen to the voice-over by hovering over the file or playing the preview video.

If adding manually, we recommend lowering the background volume to balance the music and voice-over in the preview video.

Change or Remove an AI Voice-over

To change an AI voice-over, select the Audio panel, then Voice-over, and make any edits to the voice-over script or select a different voice.

Select “Remove Voice-over” to remove the voice-over from your video. Once an AI voice-over has been regenerated or removed, it is no longer accessible from this panel.

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