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WellSaid Labs: AI Scriptwriting and Pronunciation
WellSaid Labs: AI Scriptwriting and Pronunciation

Try these tips to get the AI voice-over to sound exactly how you'd like

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Scriptwriting Help

  • To emphasize certain syllables, add quotation marks (eg: “Way”mark).

  • To emphasize an entire word, add quotation marks (eg: “Waymark”).

  • Add shorter pauses or natural breathing time with periods (.), commas (,) or ellipses (...).

  • Add longer pauses by pressing enter and typing in a period (.) in each new paragraph.

Pronunciation Help

  • Spell out difficult words phonetically. AI voices can recognize when words are spelled the way they sound. This is especially helpful for words that have the same spelling but a different pronunciation.

  • If you would like to hear each letter in an acronym, capitalize each letter and add spaces in between. If the acronym is used as a word, phonetically spell it out. For more help, see this article on acronyms.

  • For complicated long words, try splitting the word into phonetically spelled syllables.

  • Add diacritics or accent marks to loan words in English to have words sound correct. This unfortunately will not work for non-English words. For more help, see this article on loanwords.


For very specific pronunciations, you can cue the AI with WellSaid Labs' respelling guide. If you want help with this, please reach out through the chat.

Numbers Help

  • If you would like to hear each number separately, add spaces in between.

  • Add a dollar sign ($) to the front of a number to hear dollar amounts (eg: “$5” would be read as “five dollars.”

  • Decimals will be read in a natural way (eg: “3.4” would be read as “three point four”).

  • Four numbers together will be typically identified as a year. To read 2015 as “two thousand fifteen,” type “2,015.”

  • Phone numbers are typically identified by the AI. If not, add spaces to hear each number individually.

Words in non-English languages

If your script has a few non-English words, try respellings to get the specific pronunciation correct. If your script is entirely written in non-English, it will likely be quicker to seek a different option. We do offer professional voice-overs in Spanish and let you upload your own voice-over.

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