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Non-English Language Support
Non-English Language Support

Instruct the AI to write scripts in your language of choice.

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If you would like the AI to write a script in a different language, we recommend that you request the language in the AI instructions box.

Here is an example: "Write the voiceover and all on-screen text in Spanish."

We best support English and Spanish with these instructions, since these are the only languages we support for our AI voice-over reads. If a video is not generated in your intended language, try re-generating a few times or contact support.

To support specific regional accents, include those details in the instructions. We currently support the following regional accents:

  • English

    • "American English (en-US)"

    • "British English (en-GB)"

    • "Australian English (en-AU)"

    • "Canadian English (en-CA)"

    • "Indian English (en-IN)"

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