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Let AI rewrite your voice-over script
Let AI rewrite your voice-over script

Use the Rewrite button in the voice-over panel to rewrite the script.

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The rewrite button on the voice-over panel will write a fresh voice-over script for you based on the video script. This is especially helpful when:

  • you had a voice-over script, made edits to the video, and want a new voice-over script that better matches the copy

  • you have no voice-over script

  • you want to try something new with the voice-over script

Note: Previous voice-over scripts will not be saved, so please make sure to save any scripts you've liked elsewhere.

Steps to Rewrite:

  1. Click on the audio panel in the editor.

  2. On the voice-over tab's script box, click on the Rewrite button.

  3. Confirm you're ready for a new voice-over script.

  4. Review the script and make any edits.

  5. Click the Generate button to preview the voice-over and add it to your video.

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