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Edit Font Styles in a Template
Edit Font Styles in a Template

You can change font size and color with in a text boundary.

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To update a text field’s font styles, click on the text field and follow these steps:

To edit the font size:

  • Use the plus and minus icons, or type in a new number.

  • Update the size to your preference within the blue text boundary.

To edit the font color:

  • Click on one of the existing color icons, or add your own by selecting the + icon.

  • We will pre-populate black and white, your brand colors, and any other editable colors used in the template.

View the text changing on the video preview.

Note: The blue text boundary will highlight the limited space within which text will be displayed in the video. As text size increases past the boundary, Waymark will automatically start resizing the text to help it to fit. After a certain size, text may begin to disappear and the size should be lowered to fit within the boundary.

The numbers match the text size within that specific boundary and may not appear the same across different boundaries within the same template.

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