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Chrome Tech Check

Experiencing White Screens in your editor? Try this.

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A couple of questions:

  • Have you refreshed the page or restarted computer?

  • Is your Chrome fully up to date?

  • Are any ad blockers on? If so, please turn off.

  • Have you tried Safari or Firefox?


Let’s see if your device’s Graphics Driver is up-to-date.

  • Could you please enter the following text into your URL bar: chrome://gpu

  • Let us know what you are seeing. You should be seeing a page that looks like this:

  • The WebGL and WebGL2 graphic features should read ‘Hardware accelerated’, as seen circled in the image above.

  • If it reads ‘Hardware not accelerated’, you need to contact your IT Manager to update the Graphics Driver of your system.

  • If it reads "‘Hardware accelerated" and your Chrome is Up to date, you may need to update your computer operations system. Please check to make sure you have the latest Mac or Windows update.

What do I need to do? Updating your graphics driver or update your operations system.

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