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Search, Sort and Filter Brand Image Libraries
Search, Sort and Filter Brand Image Libraries

Find the image you're looking for quickly with these features

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Images in brand libraries can be searched, sorted and filtered with a variety of options. These features are available in the brand modal while editing a brand and the editor panel while selecting an image for a video.

Select "Show" to open these filters. The number of results will be updated as the library is searched and filtered.


  • Use keywords to search for images within your library

  • Tip: try using synonyms if there are less results than expected


  • Use the dropdown to sort by different options:

    • Default

    • High Quality

    • Low Quality


  • Use multi-select to choose different options to filter images by, such as:

    • Image use in video

      • In use, not in use

    • Image aspect ratio

      • Wide, Tall, Square

    • Source

      • Social, Website, Stock, Uploads

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