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What are some best practices when it comes to making a video?
What are some best practices when it comes to making a video?

How to take your video to the next level

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There are many things to keep in mind when it comes to a professional-looking video.

Of course, you can always use our default examples as a guide for best practices.

Fonts & Text

  • Make sure your text follows the same format

    • Are you using capitalization? Or working in all lowercase?

    • Check that your text is the same size - with our text shrinking feature, sometimes text will shrink down in one field but not the other - you can use spaces and enters to make text smaller and match the rest.

  • Readability

    • Can you read all of the text on screen when it's shown?

  • Play it back

    • Does your script flow with the video? Is the most important information the biggest, and are you using the subtext fields for supporting ideas or contact info?

  • Select the font that most closely matches the brand/logo

    • You can favorite any font in a brand profile and have it applied whenever you run Brand It.


  • Are you working with the brand colors?

    • If not, try using the colorzilla extension to get the hex codes for primary and complimentary colors on any web page.

  • Visibility

    • Make sure your text pops - use complementary colors for the background and text.

Images & Footage

  • Does everything look as high-quality as possible?

  • How are your images positioned? Is anything cut off?

    • Check your fit and fill options to adjust your focal point, crop, and zoom

  • When you have text over images, try using our filters to darken your images to help your text stand out

  • Use horizontal footage for wide templates and vertical footage for tall templates

    • If you don't have high-quality footage to work with, use our free stock options.

    • Make sure your footage is long enough for the spot - when you play it back, does your footage pause before transitioning to the next scene?

    • Make sure you are using the best part of each footage clip - slide the timeline bar left or right to include specific parts of the clip - don't have the video transition off halfway through a high five and leave us all hanging.


  • Be sure to showcase the brand logo/name, website, or phone number where you can

    • Put the business up front - let viewers know who the business is and what they do right off the bat.

Have any questions? Reach out on live chat, and we'll be happy to assist you!

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